1870 50th Street East #B
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

A well articulated email is the best method of contact.

Appointments are required for all services. Sometimes this can be the same day for some “easy” services. During the busiest season it may be a couple weeks out. Neither the phone nor the computer is glued to me throughout the day – I spend far more time hands on wrenches than hands on the phone or keyboard. A response will come when I am able.

Meet the team

As a teenage motorcycle enthusiast I started working on motorcycles and later purchased an existing business. After working under and with several people, and even at a couple of dealerships throughout the decades (more schooling/factory training experience). Now, 40+ years later it has turned into what Lloyd’s is today. Having as many as 5 employees and as little as just myself, I have found I can control quality and timing much better as the lone employee. Despite the challenges working alone brings. As far as credentials and experience; MMI graduate, HVATI graduate as well as an Advisory board member, then of course the 40+ years of hands on tools experience along with being the owner and a rider/enthusiast myself is what makes me worth coming to.

Lloyd Rivers

Motorcycle enthusiast