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  Freshly moved August 1, 2022 to a new bigger and better location in Inver Grove Heights, MN

                                                           1870 50th street East, suite B

                   Loosely --- Office/showroom hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm

               Appointments are still scheduled Monday through Saturday and strongly advised

Direct and to the point;

 If you skip reading the tons of information on here you will miss out..... but, if you feel your time is far too valuable to read the direct information............ the best way to get ahold of me is at the bottom of this page.

 There is no walk in service, no waiting around while work is completed. You need to set up an appointment, drop it off at the scheduled time and then pick it up shortly after completion please.

 There is also nobody answering the phone 24/7 nor waiting to greet you 9-5 daily etc.....

Working solo has many disadvantages but, it has the biggest advantage of being 100% in control of quality of service and not "babysitting" someone else or multiple someone elses.


  Do you ever get tired of a website that doesn't give you pricing or detailed explanation of what you are getting for your money? Maybe even worse.... those stupid flyers in the mail with a vague low price with little explanation of what you get for the price. yes, ME TOO.

  Thus care has been put into the Services and Parts pages so you know without question what you are paying for and what you are receiving. A huge bonus for me is, you don't need to call and ask me even 1/100th as many questions, since nearly everything is answered on these pages in great detail! So read on please... ( yes I know it is a ton of information, and not the most user friendly layout---I am a motorcycle mechanic not a web page designer!---but it is worth your time and mine for you to look at it, and I will be working on adding some bookmark tabs to make the search more user friendly, wish me luck)

  Lloyd's has been in business since 1982 working on the Japanese big 4; standards, cruisers, touring, sport bikes and yes even the 4 stroke dirtbikes. (no snowmobiles, no quads, no side by sides) Lloyd's does also have plenty on experience on Triumph, Victory, Indian, Ducati and even some Harley as well, but the main part (95%) of the business is focused on the Japanese big four street bikes & track bikes getting the best service work available anywhere. Lloyd has worked for a couple dealership- mostly to get to the oe schooling refresher courses, also being an MMI graduate and follow up learning/certificates with MMI, but honestly 95% of the real learning has come from 40+ years in the business hands on with tools in hand working on the bikes.

 For those looking for routine maintenance; tire installs, tune ups (valve adjustments +++), oil/filter changes, chain/sprocket installation, brake pad installations, engine/transmission work, suspension services, fork seals/suspension and even "go fast" work. Yes I do all that.

  Well if you read the descriptions in the pricing pages you will see why Lloyd's is the best, Lloyd simply does the most for your money and is very detail oriented.

 My customers are certainly picky enough and most are smart enough that they won't sacrifice low quality work for a cheap price. My service pricing in some cases is higher than places around me, in some cases lower- and since this isn't a discount center-- you receive top quality work for a fair price. The service parts pricing, is generally lower than you will find around online or brick and mortar and I only use top quality parts- no chineseum crap!

 Lloyd's is NOT a parts store (I do not sell parts retail, well not much anyways). This is a service oriented business with the whole premise of the business wrapped around making your motorcycle run better, be more reliable and last longer, at the same time giving you more enjoyment with your "in the seat" time. ie........ Service Service Service. 

 So while I "may" sell a set of tires over the counter, or some other parts on display in the showfloor area.....I am not going to find you obscure parts etc... unless, you are having me install said parts.  

  While I do stock most service related parts, they are for service customers. With the only true exception...............  since I stock more oem valve shims than anyplace (likely everyplace combined) in the country- I do offer to ship out new oem shims based upon your measurements and needs if you are doing the job yourself.  If you are within driving distance and need shims - that can be arranged by appointment... 7.5mm, 9.5mm, 13mm, 25mm, 29mm in abundance and a limited supply of ducati openers and closers on hand, inventory is heavily weighted to the 7.5mm and 9.5mm which are the most popular and common diameters used today in the entire size range from super skinny to super thick, often in .0005" increments but never more than .001" increments.

 Lloyd loves the motorcycles, usually more than the owners do, and the business is based on that love of motorcycles and the service work it takes to appreciate them and have them performing at their best. Don't be one of those customers that irritates the love away!

 So, why should you come to Lloyd's and get your motorcycle service needs taken care of?

Quite simply- being the owner and lone employee, there is nobody pushing to skip steps or take short cuts or push to bill every hour of every day one works.  There is just Lloyd doing what Lloyd does best- work on motorcycles and make them function and ride better, so you are safer and enjoy the experience and time you get to ride.

 I touched on the pricing already but, My pricing on some things is going to be as much or even more than you can find elsewhere.... why- because I do more and do it better. (arguable, maybe maybe not- I guess that depends on ones perspective and bias...but again- read the pages, what you get is actually more than what is even typed up most of the time, read the reviews- everywhere..... talk to people who are customers.... )

 You will never find "close enough" or "good enough" (those terms are fine if you are playing horseshoes and hand grenades or, for those who simply do not give a shit about quality work and/or have zero/little pride in your work). I work hard and work to exacting standards to do it well, I refuse to take shortcuts and however long it takes is how long it takes.

 You will also find Lloyd cares more about doing it right than trying to get the bikes in and out in a hurry, doing it right trumps everything else actually...

 Lloyd has his entire financial interest in the business, and has for decades. It is entirely in my own best interest (as well as yours) to do the best job possible on every job, you don't find that with some hourly working tech who feels unappreciated and hurried like at most places where they are just punching a clock and looking for a paycheck without any real liability.

 You know what else you won't find at Lloyd's, someone filling you full of crap because that is what they think you want to hear. I do not pussyfoot around the truth nor sugar coat anything to spare your feelings.... You will get straight factual talk in a rather blunt manner and safety is always a major concern. If your ego is too fragile to hear the truth then maybe this isn't the place for your motorcycle relationship.

 If you want to tell me how to fix something because John or Jane Doe you do not know and have zero credentials from the internets said it worked for him/her- you are barking up the wrong tree and should find someone else to work on your motorcycle. (most of those online people are idiots who have never done what they claim and simply regerjitate crap they read on the internets from other no brains who are also idiots spewing shit out their pie hole)

 If you think that most of what you read on the forums about valves etc are facts, (you know, the no brains who claim you don't need them adjusted, that they don't move, that if you adjust them, set them super loose so you can wait longer and all the other ignorant stupid things I have read and heard) you are sadly mistaken and if you are not interested in being enlightened and shown the error of your ways (and the absolute ignorance and stupidity of the masses on the internet) then you again should probably find someone else to work on your bike, someone who will lie to you and tell you exactly what you want to hear all while overcharging you for work they didn't do!

 No doubt you can find plenty of them to tell you it is all fast and easy and doesn't need to be done and how the bike will run forever or go 100,000 miles without adjusting valves ever... 

(do they even read the oe service manual and service internals? Do they actually have any verifiable proof of their idiotic claims? No, they do not is the right answer!

 They don't care, they just want to hear themselves spew shit and have it make them feel "smart"- which is even worse! They are simply blowhards who like to hear themselves talk, and talk they do - like an idiot!) 

 I have done no less than 10,000 valve adjustments in my career, never once has there ever been a bike to not need actual adjustment of clearances-despite what the internet of dolts want to profess!!!

          Never once out of more than 10,000 valve adjustment jobs- let that sink in!

So there is no "checked valves but didn't need to adjust any" as that is just a lie the lazy people tell you because they didn't want to do the job correctly!

 If you want used tires or Shitco's or Kenda's.. or some chinese brake pads/rotors ........... yeah- dont waste my time because that is not happening here! ( SAFETY!!! ) 

  I use quality parts and only quality parts, you should appreciate that and desire that.

 If you have leaking fork seals and your brake pads are coated in oil and you "only" want to fix the oil leak and want to ride away with at best 20% brake function...... Nope! brakes are a safety issue and I won't let the bike depart with faulty safety features without a waiver signed and a tow vehicle taking it! Are you really willing to crash or risk crashing over $100 or less of brake pads??? - you never know when you will actually need that panic stop and 100% brake function.... if we all knew things like that we could also go pick the winning lottery numbers every week or know when heart disease was going to be an issue and act preemptively to fix it etc... Think about this, because I know far too many think their motorcycle will outbrake a car, but the facts are this.......... nearly every car on the road and most trucks and SUV's can outbreak nearly every motorcycle, and........ the cars, trucks and suvs will outbrake every motorcycle rider on the street everytime in those uncontrolled conditions of panic stops!

 What else won't you find at Lloyd's......... someone answering the phone or text or emails 24/7/365. The last thing I am interested in or have time for, is answering 50 - 100 calls a day when the majority of them are tire kickers and price shoppers (people who could easily find the answer on these pages if they bothered to put in any effort at all), then of course the solicitors-- no for the 8 thousandth time I do not want to extend my car warranty or need a new roof, windows, siding nor to advertise on your site!!! and NO I am not contributing to your political campaign!

 When only maybe 10% of the people who call (when I was answering the phone routinely) would actually know they want work on their bike and have some understanding to actually tell me intelligently what it is, let alone what it needs or does. I decided I simply can't waste my time on the other 90%... thus, the email me for a first contact and be detailed and descriptive! 

 I can weed out the chaff and skip right by much of the crap without wasting 3, 4 even 8 hours of everyday, that I already don't have.  (did the math once, I got 86 messages in a day, even @ 5 minutes per message to; listen to said message, take notes, look up pricing and then reply (unrealistically low to do all that in 5 minutes- but I am making a point) that is well over 7 hrs of my time !! I have maybe 10-12 hours at most each day to do work, I cannot spend 7+ hours of that on the phone or answering emails........ I spend perhaps 8 hours a week on those things, and it often comes in clumps, so be patient on replies to emails..........

 So if you are interested in high quality work and someone who will tell you just how it is, just what you need and to use quality parts at a reasonable price...........then Lloyd's could be a good fit.  Conversly, If you want a "yes man" or chineseum crap parts (most of amzon and ebay) then you likely are not going to like Lloyd's.

 Here are a few actual examples of motorcycles in recent years;


~an SV650 that got brought it in for a tune up and the valve clearances are at .003-.004" on the intakes and .0075"-.009" on the exhaust- I will be adjusting all of them, despite suzuki saying the spec range is .004"-.008" intake and .008"-.012" exhaust............ why- because they didn't start at the bottom end of the "range" or under as many were, and they will continue to get tighter/looser and move......... So, in this example they would be adjusted to .006" on intakes and .010" on exhausts......why, because that is the correct way to do the tune up you are paying for! 

(you should never accept anyone telling you "none needed adjusting" nor "they were all within spec".... that tells me they never even checked them. you should always expect and demand to see the measurements pre adjustment and post adjustment and a shim map!! Always! You pay for it as part of the tune up service!! You always get that at lloyd's including pictures!)

~ an older 40,000 mile Honda ST1100 was recently in- it came in for the bare bones tune up, it ended up needing much more that the owner did not even realize. fork seals were leaking badly and the rotor and pads soaked, rusty axles and drive splines and some worn out to the metal backing plate rear pads, plus its last tune up at some dealership about 20,000 miles ago, they installed chineseum shims which had dented badly and measured nearly double the specified valve clearance, so valve shim adjustment ended up being; remove the 4 camshafts 3 times total and installing all new oem shims- now he truly might be able to go another 20,000 miles without the clearances making major self adjustments from denting!

or maybe you have 

~a 2015+ R1.... exhaust range from yamaha is .0071"-.0091"....... I just did one @ 39,990 miles where every exhaust valve was sub .005" clearance

ie some of those had shims of 188 that went down to 179 or, 192's down to 184's... those are significant jumps, and I have no doubt those valves were open when this bike was hot and running- it was way past overdue for service! and surely did some damage already

 I also only use OEM shims!! those aftermarket shims can and do break, they are only surface hardened and will "dent/dimple" (which changes the clearances!) and generally they are cheap chinese garbage (chineseum) that isn't even good enough for a paperweight! 

 Besides the fact oe shims are stronger (not just surface hardened to only about .001" deep but hardened all the way through!) and they fit better, I can also-- with the oe shims- I can set valves to within .0005" of exactly where I want clearances vs those aftermarket shitty shims are only made in .002" jumps and don't fit very well because of low quality control!-- a matter of fact  the japanese manufacturers won't warranty any valve train issue without OEM shims installed!!!- I know because I have customers (multiple) who experienced this issue and I stepped in and "saved" them from warranty denial!

 Many bikes, most actually have a "range" of clearance acceptability of only .002"..... so those shitty aftermarket low quality shims with the .002+" jumps, it is possible you could not even get adjusted to the correct clearance...... one could feasibly be at the top end of clearance or just over and then try installing just one size larger and be at the bottom or even under the bottom (because they are not true to thickness size either! I have seen dozens of them in bikes arrive with dents deeper than .001" and some refuse to come out of the retaining washer, or they are sloppy loose in it, because they seem to think 7.5mm or 9.5mm is just an guestimate- and their quality control is so poor- many don't fit at all, while others are sloppy even see them advertised as 7.48 or 9.48)

 You are paying good money to have the work done correctly, don't you want the very best done to assure it is done correctly with the best parts so it actually lasts. So in 100,000 or 200,000 miles from now it still works well and runs as it should because of the proper maintenance done with quality parts?!? I know I do, and I have run 4 bikes past 100,000 miles without issue and one past 250,000 miles- all sportbikes no less. (1988 Ninja 600R is the 256k bike)- not to even mention the amount of customers bikes I have maintained since new to go beyond 100,000 miles without any issues.

 And while tire changes are pretty straightforward, it is easy to make mistakes or be forgetful if pushed on speed rather than quality. You do want the bolts torqued to the proper spec don't you?!? You do want the brake pads looked at, the chain adjusted properly and lubed, and to know when you ride away the caliper bracket is in the right location! It is rare I mount and balance a set of tires in under an hour, and many bikes take 2 or even 3 hours to do the set, of course you want them installed correctly and balanced well, both for longest life of the tire and enjoyment when you ride, but also for your safety!

 Please go look at the photo gallery pages, you can see some of the stuff that has arrived and you can also see many before and after pictures with descriptive information on the major service tune and much more....

I apologize on the new additions to the photo section, I have yet to figure out this new platform and how to add more pictures

[email protected] 

 Contact information 

please send an email to [email protected] and be descriptive and forthcoming in what you have (make model and year) and what you need (carb clean, tires, brakes, tune up etc.. If you have a brand in mind, let me know.) 

There is a "contact for estimate" page also

 Lloyd will get back to you when available, usually every weekday evening. If you need what could be more immediate help you can text message, but the phone is not glued to the ear 24/7/365. Actually it sits in the office most of the day with the ringer shut off while working and it is infrequently looked at, sometimes it is ignored  when really busy.

 Lloyd's is appointment only and while I try and make time for everyone, I cannot possibly work on everything for everyone and some people will end up turned away. It usually is not personal- it is usually just about timing, but it could be because of you or your bike.

 Furthermore---If you bought some motorcycle for some super cheap price, there is a reason for that. It does not mean it is roadworthy or even can be made roadworthy for that sum of money or less....More times than not, those bikes end up costing an additional $1000-$3000 to get running properly and actually be roadworthy and safe! If you buy some used bike that has been neglected and sat around, you should expect and be aware of what it will need. It is almost never "it just needs a carb clean" like many a seller claim, or "its an easy fix"........ because ...  if it were truly "easy and cheap" why didn't they get it done before they sold it so they could get top dollar? Besides- I do offer inspections pre purchase, for many this would save you much money and headaches. I believe I have a few examples on further pages   (if you bring the bike to me I will do this for free!!!)

 I could list off dozens of examples of bikes people purchased for $2500 or less that then needed atleast that much money sunk into them to be safe and roadworthy. Sometimes buying the cheapest pile of dung out there is not the cheapest at all.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Visit the work facebook page and like us. Lloyd's Motorcycle Performance Center.



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