High quality, high value motorcycle maintenance in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin

Lloyd’s Motorcycle Performance Center blends technical excellence with down-to-earth pricing, no-nonsense customer service, and absolutely no cutting corners.

A passion for Quality

My comprehensive suite of professional motorcycle maintenance services appeals to a diverse clientele, from casual riders with older or modern bikes to long-distance riders and racers on highly-specialized, purpose-built equipment, and everyone in between.

Routine Maintenance

Having this done well provides you with the confidence that when you’re ready to ride, your motorcycle will be, too.

Major Overhauls

Sometimes a motorcycle needs more attention. I am qualified and will take great care to get major repairs done right, with the right parts, as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price.

Special Projects

Having trouble finding someone to accomplish a particularly unique project? Let’s connect! I have seen all sorts of challenging situations and am confident I can provide assistance with yours!


I do offer purchase consulting, so you know what you are buying and what the “new to you” motorcycle really needs to make it safe and reliable for your riding needs.

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